Good news!

The Maronite Patriarch, Mor Beshara Raii, announced today that Francis, Bishop of Rome, has agreed to the canonization of the Massabki Martyrs of Damascus! The Church will now have three new Saints Francis, Abdel Mohti, and Raphael!

The Massabki Martyrs were brutally murdered thus giving their lives for Christ and the Church on July 10, 1860. The three laymen were given the choice to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ and convert to Islam, or face death. They chose Christ and were martyred along with eight Franciscans that day. On October 7, 1926, Pope Pius XI beatified the three brothers. We continue to pray for their canonization.

These martyr-brothers are the patron saints for the Maronite laity in the United States. Their intercession will be a mighty fortress for our people as they are raised to the altars of the wider Church.

Their feast day is July 10.

O Massabki Martyrs, intercede for us!