Parish Advisory Council

The Parish Advisory Council (also, Pastoral Council) whose members advise the pastor, Father Dennis, in dealing with matters of concern in terms of stewardship of the church plant, social events and some things pertaining the life of prayer of the parish. The Council is “advisory in nature and derives[s] … [its] authority from the Eparchial Bishop through the Pastor”. The Council generally meets monthly but aims to meet monthly given schedules. The Council follows the By-Laws given by the Eparchy of Newton (2009).

The Eparchy of Newton writes on the nature of the Pastoral Council in this way:

The Pastoral Council shall act as representative body of the whole community of God in the Parish. It shall meet, deliberate and act in common agreement of those matters for which it is responsible and which concern the good of the Parish, except those matters reserved by Universal Church Law, Patriarchal Synod, or Eparchial Authority. It shall confer with and advise the Pastor on matters, which are brought to its attention and promote the Christian life and actions of the people to the fulfillment of our Eastern Christian traditions and requirements. Pastoral Council meetings shall be open to all parishioners. (Section 1)

Members of the Parish Advisory Council

Father Dennis McCarthy, pastor
Lisa Brown
Pierre Hage
Joumana Hajj
Gerard and Laura Massad ***Gerard oversees the finances of the parish
Subdeacon Kevin Powers
Subdeacon Paul A. Zalonski, KHS