Society of Publicans

We have a prayer ministry in the Eparchy of Newton called the Society of Publicans. The Society of Publicans was established in 1982 with the conviction that only prayer can bring about and sustain the spiritual renewal of our faith communities and families.

This prayer movement takes its name from the Lord’s story of the Pharisee and the Publican (St. Luke 18:9-14), in which the Publican, with his humility and dependence on the Lord, is the example of true prayer. No particular prayer form is necessary to participate in this ministry; only a commitment to pray the best way you know how. Some pray the Jesus Prayer (Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner); others use spontaneous prayer or other forms with which they are comfortable. There is a Society of Publicans Prayer Book that provides a form of intercession harmonious with our Eastern prayer tradition.

The Society of Publicans is a loosely knit fellowship of people in parishes throughout the diocese who have committed themselves to pray daily for the spiritual renewal of our parishes and of the entire eparchy as well as the various and immediate needs of the people in their own parish community. Society members pray for each community in the diocese, listed in the Society of Publicans Prayer Book, on a certain day throughout the month and on the day they pray for their own parish pray for the administration of the diocese as well.

Our parish is prayed for the 10th of each month.

The other parishes of the Eparchy are prayed for on designated days of the month noted here.

Intercession for the growth of unity between our sister Churches has become another regular prayer intention in the Society.

THE prayer we pray for our parish and for others under the patronage of Saint Ann (St Ann, Danbury, Connecticut — North Hollywood, California — West Paterson, New Jersey):

O divinely wise Ann, you carried in your womb the pure Mother of God, who gave birth to the Life. Wherefore you now have been carried up joyfully to the inheritance of heaven, to the abode of those who rejoice in glory. O blessed one, obtain the forgiveness of sins for those who honor you with fervor.

The Society of Publicans at our parish does not meet outside of regularly scheduled services. We have formed a telephone/email pray chain. We intercede for the intentions of the Society as well as for the various needs of people brought to us. By phone or email, the coordinator keeps members informed of intentions requested. We keep a prayer list of intentions, a copy of which is with the book of prayer in the church.

If you are interested in the Society of Publicans, have any questions or if you have a prayer intention to be added to our prayer list, e-mail our parish coordinator noted below. Prayers are offered for all in need who we have been requested to pray for. A person does not have to be a member of our parish to be prayed for.

For more information on the Society of Publicans, please visit the Eparchy of Newton’s website.

RoseMarie LaFleur