Devotion to the Holy Mother of God

St. Ann’s parish gathers for a monthly devotion to Mary, the Holy Mother of God on the last Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

The monthly devotion to Mary, the Holy Mother of God includes the holy rosary according to an Eastern tradition along with other Marian prayers of our Melkite Church.

Brother John M. Samaha, SM, writes, “The veneration of Mary, when properly understood, permeates the entire life of the Church; it is a dimension of dogma and of piety, of Christology and of ecclesiology. This dimension needs to be made explicit today in connection with the problems of humanity. Mariology expresses something fundamental to the Christian life itself, to the Christian experience of the world.”

Consider reading Brother John Samaha’s article, “Mary in Byzantine Liturgy.”

Each Divine Liturgy prayers are offered to Mary, the Holy Theotokos (Mother of God).

The following is the standard Hirmos which changes during the Liturgical cycle:

It is fitting and right to call you blessed, O Theotokos: you are ever-blessed and all-blameless and the Mother of our God. Higher in honor than the Cherubim and more glorious without compare than the Seraphim, you gave birth to God the Word in virginity. You are truly Mother of God : you do we exalt. (Byzantine Daily Worship)

Let us pray.

O gentle Protectress of Christians, unfailing Mediatrix before the Creator, do not despise the prayerful voices of sinners; but, in your goodness, hasten to assist us who trustfully cry out to you: “Inspire us to prayer, and hasten to hear our supplication, intercede always, Mother of God, in behalf of those who honor you.”


Please join Bishop Gregory, Fr. Vincent, the Maronites and the Melkites from throughout the Eparchy of St. Maron and the Eparchy of Newton virtually as they pray the Rosary for the Souls of the Faithful Departed.

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