Latest news from St. Ann Melkite Church

  • Red Cross Blood Drive
    On Friday, June 7, from 12:30 PM to 5:45 PM in the St Ann Church hall we are having a blood drive with the American Red Cross. Give the gift of life!
  • Memorial Day 2024
    Today our nation honors our brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Take a moment to remember in prayer that freedom isn’t free and that we owe everything to these heroes. While Memorial Day may be a day off from work for some, but for many others it is a solemn… Read more: Memorial Day 2024
  • Divine Liturgy schedule change
    From June 1 to September 7, Saturday night Liturgy is cancelled. There will be one Liturgy: 10 am Sundays!
  • Melkite Eparchy of Newton on Instagram!
    The Melkite Eparchy of Newton is on Instagram! Please follow the Instagram page of the 2024 Melkite Catholic Convention for schedules, fun videos, and updates on the convention! The page is called “53rd_Melkite_Convention.” See you on Instagram!
  • Sunday of the Paralytic Man – 3rd Sunday after Pascha
    In speaking about the liturgical contours of today’s commemoration, Fr David Petras uses St. John Chrysostom to draw our attention deeper into the mystery we are presented in the Gosepl. Chrysostom “tells us that if an unbeliever enters a church during a baptism, all he sees is people being washed. But a believer sees people… Read more: Sunday of the Paralytic Man – 3rd Sunday after Pascha
  • Sunday of the myrrh-bearers
    Two weeks ago we celebrated Pascha, the holy resurrection from the dead of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Why do the myrrh-bearers factor into our theological formation? Recall that Jesus encounters myrrh twice: at the beginning and the end of his life. The gifts of the Wise Men were of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Myrrh… Read more: Sunday of the myrrh-bearers
  • St Thomas Sunday
    Today is the eighth day of the celebration of the eighth day. Pascha! The Resurrection of our Lord! The Feast of Feasts! Today we hear the Gospel reading of the Apostle Thomas coming to the Risen Lord and realizes in truth who Jesus is: the Messiah. Today also marks the institution of the Lord of… Read more: St Thomas Sunday
  • Iconography workshop
  • Paschal Letter 2024 from Bishop François
  • New Auxiliary Bishop for USA Armenians
    Pope Francis has appointed Father Parsegh Baghdassarian, I.C.P.B., as Auxiliary Bishop of the Armenian Catholic Eparchy of Our Lady of Nareg in the United States and Canada. The story on the appointment is noted here.