Unity is NOT Uniformity

June 13, 2021 0 Comments

UNITY IS NOT UNIFORMITY The Development of the Apostolic Churches, a presentation to be given by Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton. Wednesday, June 30 @ 8 – 9 p.m. ET REGISTER here

Third Sunday after Pentecost

June 13, 2021 0 Comments

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life.” Only after Jesus has shown the hurt to be unspeakable, then and not before does he make the instruction stricter. He not only asks us to cast away what we have but also forbids us to take thought even for the food we need, saying, …

Feast of the Divine Body

June 3, 2021 0 Comments

On Thursday, June 3, at 6:00 p.m., Father Dennis will serve the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of Divine Body of Christ with the brief rite of Benediction. IT IS INDEED a tremendous miracle to see God taking flesh and becoming man, and a greater miracle still to see Him suspended on the cross. But …

Memorial Day 2021

May 31, 2021 0 Comments

Godly people “Yet these also were godly people, whose virtues have not been forgotten. Their wealth remains in their families; their heritage with their descendants.” (Book of Sirach, 44.) These words from the Book of Sirach are hauntingly beautiful, and useful for all sorts of occasions. I stumbled upon them via an acquaintance of mine. …

All Saints Sunday 2021

May 30, 2021 0 Comments

Here are the resources for All Saints Sunday 2021 from God With Us Online. These resources are meant for you to have a deeper understanding of sacred Scripture and the theological tradition of the Melkite Church. … the Sunday after Pentecost, we celebrate the memory of all the Saints who ever lived throughout the world: in …

Pentecost 2021

May 23, 2021 0 Comments

Pentecost is the fiftieth day, “the last and greatest day of the feast.” In the New Testament, this story is told only in the Acts of the Holy Apostles (Acts 2:1-12). On this day, the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the form , “as of fire” and they were filled with the Holy …

Ascension Day Liturgy 2021

May 12, 2021 0 Comments

Christ is risen and ascended! The Feast of the Ascension Liturgy will be served on Thursday, May 13, at 6:00 pm. Peace!