Fr Dennis blessed cars today

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

The Blessing of a Car Priest: Let us pray to the Lord. Response: Lord, have mercy. Priest: Lord our God, You make the clouds your conveyance; You travel on the wings of the wind; you sent to your servant Elijah a fiery chariot as a means of conveyance; You guided man to invent this car …

Praying for good in Lebanon

June 29, 2021 0 Comments

Maronite Bishop Gregory of New York recently wrote, Since October 2019, Lebanon has been facing political turmoil, civil unrest, nationwide protests, unemployment, power outages, devaluation of national currency and extreme poverty. The pandemic exacerbated the financial crisis and as the nation continued to experience record unemployment and a poverty rate over 50%, its capital was …

St Ephrem’s weekday Lenten prayer

February 16, 2021 0 Comments

The weekday Lenten prayer in Byzantine tradition – Prayer of St. Ephrem: O Lord and Master of my life, keep from me the spirit of indifference and discouragement, lust of power and idle chatter. (Prostration) Instead, grant to me, Your servant, the spirit of wholeness of being, humble-mindedness, patience, and love. (Prostration) Yes, O Lord …

Prayer for Lebanon September 4

September 4, 2020 0 Comments

Pope Francis invites everyone to a worldwide day of prayer, fasting, and works of charity in solidarity with the suffering people of Lebanon, today, Friday, September 4. Read this article from Vatican News.

2 opportunities for Worship

August 3, 2020 0 Comments

Two opportunities for Worship: Transfiguration & Dormition Divine Liturgy, Thursday, August 6: Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, 6:30pm. The Blessing of Fruits happen. In particular, grapes, will be blessed at the Divine Liturgy. Divine Liturgy, Saturday, August 15: Dormition of the Mother of God, 5pm.

The Jesus Prayer

July 8, 2020 0 Comments

Invoking the Holy Name is an ancient tradition of people of faith. Christians have had the practice of praying using the Holy Name of Jesus. The history is quite rich and beautiful. We are taught to pray: “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” There are some versions that end …

Praying with the Pope

July 1, 2020 0 Comments

The prayer intention of Pope Francis for the month of July: We pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance. May the Holy Family intercede for us