Food Drive: Subdeacon Paul Zalonski, working with Saint Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church in New Haven, Connecticut, is organizing a food drive for the people of Ukraine. Items needed are limited to the following only: dried soups, dried oatmeal like Quaker’s High Protein Oatmeal, and high protein milkshakes like Carnation Breakfast Essentials. Please drop off your donations inside the entrance way to our Church in the food collection bin.

Helping a Single Mother with 3 Sons: Joumana is leading the effort to assist a local family during this season. Please consult the recent parish bulletin for the Wish List or you may contact Joumana at 860-303-3458 about the items needed. Some good choices could be visa card to pay electric bills and rent, a Walmart or Target gift card, grocery store card, towel sets for all the members of the family.

A brief reflection:

Saint John Chrysostom reminds us why we give alms: “If you want to honor Christ, do it when you see Him naked, in the person of the poor.” We can apply to this to the people of Ukraine and to a small, local family in need. That is, when we give alms, we are encountering Jesus Christ and bestowing on Him a blessing. However, we know in our hearts and minds that whenever we encounter Jesus, it is ultimately we who are blessed.