After the Feast of Theophany, the priest comes around to do house blessings! Please make an appointment with Fr. Dennis at your earliest convenience. You can call the Rectory or his cell phone, which is in the bulletin.

Reminders with House Blessings:
1) Fr. Dennis likes it simple: He just wants to spend time to get to know you. By opening your house, you have already done something wonderful and beautiful. Keep the preparations simple so you can focus on us spending time together.

2) Food is optional: While food is a staple of our culture, it is not necessary to offer any food for Fr. Dennis. He will not refuse any food, as he has a good appetite; however, it’s OK to offer only water. He will not be insulted.

3) Donations are Optional: The blessing of the house is a gift from God, and like all gifts, it’s free. However, you may offer something back to God for His blessings, please note the following:

a. Thank God first by giving to the church;
b. The priest comes second. The priest is simply a worker to provide God’s blessings to you all;
c. Gifts to the church must be greater than or equal to gifts to the priest. If not, then Fr. Dennis will switch the donations. Do not test Fr. Dennis on this rule- he will not hesitate to ensure you give more to God.