Perhaps you have wondered about the spirituality that forms our life of prayer and action, that is, our whole life, our inner sense and a way of seeing and knowing. You will want to watch this lecture on Saint Maximos’ work and influence in liturgical spirituality. Offered here is a rich presentation for those of us who follow the Byzantine Church Tradition. Digging deeply into the work of Saint Maximos the Confessor’s works will be rewarding. To aid your study a lecture is offered to aid your prayer, study, service and life in the community of faith. Watch:

Fr. Maximos Constas presentation on Saint Maximos’ mystagogy in “The Body as Ritual Space.”

Fr. Maximos is a professor of Patristics and Orthodox Spirituality and currently serves as the Interim Dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (Boston). He earned a doctorate from the Catholic University of America.

Saint Maximos’ feast day is celebrated on January 21 and August 12 on the Melkite liturgical calendar. You can read a brief introduction to Maximus here; while it is a wiki article and therefore not as comprehensive as one might like it does give an adequate sketch.