Help for local people

We are collecting nonperishable food, paper or personal hygiene items those in need in the local area. The need, is significant, as you would imagine. Here is a list of some needed items:

meals in a can (beef stew, soups & chili), canned tuna, canned fruits and vegetables, canned beans, healthy cereals, oatmeal, brown rice, nuts and raisins, applesauce, granola bars, paper towels, body soap, laundry and dish detergents, toothpaste, white tube socks, teeshirts, diapers (size 4 & 5).

Please note we cannot accept expired food. Please check dates before donating. Thank you!

Help for Melkite Priests in the Middle East TODAY

There is an extraordinary need for financial donations to help our Melkite priests in places like Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

Many priests care for parish communities of various sizes with very little income. With the civil unrest and personal security concerns in the Middle East, poverty has increased. Our priests live and work under stressful situations and need our financial help. As Bishop Nicholas said, all the priests are poor. The priest’s salary is only $40 a month. Would you make a gift to help the priests and parishes, perhaps $3 or 4 monthly to face some everyday needs?

Our donations will be forwarded to Patriarch Joseph who will distribute funds to those priests in need. Make checks payable to St. Ann Parish with the note in the memo: Help for Melkite Priests.

Your generosity can make a huge difference for the life of priests and the communities entrusted to them by the bishop.

May God reward your generosity abundantly!