The fourth Sunday of Great Lent is dedicated to our Father among the saints, John Climacus (ca. 579 – 649). With this commemoration we mark the the halfway point of the Great Lent. How is the Fast and prayer and works of charity going for you? honor our Holy Father St. John Climacus, also known as St. John of the Ladder, (“Climacus” means ladder a nod to his famous work called The Ladder of Paradise) who offered many rich insights about perseverance in prayer. Let us persevere and not be discouraged by the distractions we face!

The Churches of East and West liturgically remember “The Ladder” on March 30.

We know the utility of prayer from the efforts of the wicked spirits to distract us when we pray; and we experience the fruit of prayer in the defeat of our enemies. (St. John Climacus)

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