Today on the feast day of the great St Nicholas, we had a visit from him following the Divine Liturgy.

We recall Nicholas the holy bishop and teacher and wonder-worker as the icon of gentleness.

As one Greek Orthodox priest said of dear Nicholas in a homily today,

“I think it is safe to say that most of us are quite familiar with St. Nicholas’ popular association with Santa Claus, especially among Western Christians. However, it is a well-known fact that Nicholas is so beloved not solely because of his philanthropic activity toward the poor and destitute but because he serves as the model bishop for the Church. In the person of St. Nicholas we witness a unique combination of loving pastor, brilliant teacher, outstanding theologian, astute administrator, zealous philanthropist, tireless altruist, and all-around stellar example of Christ tending to His flock on earth. He is not only the model bishop but the inspired, well-balanced, and dynamic model Christian for all of us to emulate. With his feast day falling on a Sunday this year, it gives us the opportunity to reflect on those Christian virtues that made him a truly great man and an ambassador for Christ. To do this, allow me not to bog you down with the details of his illustrious life but rather to view him through the prism of the Church’s hymnography.”

Blessed feast!

Thanks to Saide Hage for the pictures.