Great and Holy Wednesday –The Vespers  and Liturgy for Mystical Supper

Tonight, Wednesday, we begin contemplating Holy Thursday that continue tomorrow. For us, our prayer for the following day begins the evening before with Vespers (evening prayer). “Holy Thursday takes us into the mystery of the Passover…Three aspects of Holy Thursday are focused on here: the washing of the feet, the Lord’s supper, and Judas’s betrayal”

Tonight’s service is Vespers and the Divine Liturgy (using the text of St. Basil the Great).

Great and Holy Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

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“Holy Wednesday faces us with the contrast between two figures, two states of soul. It is devoted to the remembrance of two actions: the action of the woman who, at Bethany, came to pour a jar of precious ointment on Jesus’s head, and the action of the disciple who betrayed his Master. These two actions are not without a certain link, for the same disciple had protested against the apparent prodigality of the woman…The world will protest, as did the disciples at Bethany: to what purpose this prodigality, this waste?…Our heart is the first jar of ointment that we must break before him, for him.”