Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, South Sudan, Burma are not the only places in the world where fear fills the hearts, minds and souls of people. We can add to the list the fear people have in locales like New London, Groton and Norwich. Awareness of these peoples ought to inform our prayer and our charitable work.

The image attached to this post ought to inform you as to where the Azeri government blocked a road linking Nagorno-Karabakh, home to 120,000 Armenian Christians to get food and needed supplies. While the places listed above are not equal in scope and depth; we keep in mind that the people who inhabit these places deserve dignity and respect. There’s no excuse for running rough-shod over people endangering life because of political issues. The situation is yet another humanitarian fire destroying lives fanned by Putin’s evil ego.

Mark Movsesian’s article in First Things, “A Fear-Filled Advent for Armenian Christians” raises our awareness to another potential disaster.

I recommend reading Movsesian’s article so you are informed AND that you know what/who to pray for on a daily basis. For those who attend the Saturday Divine Liturgy will hear Father Dennis pray for persecuted Christians. Persecuted Christians is are not an abstraction, it’s real.