The mission of the Church is envisioned by a long tradition of prayer and service inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Church’s experience from earliest days of the Apostles developed several offices directed to the proper order of the Church’s prayer include bishop, priest, deacon, subdeacon, reader and cantor.

The Eparchy has a new bishop with the Enthronement of Bishop François (Beyrouti) on Wednesday, October 19.

The Parish has Father Dennis as its pastor.

The Parish is also served by two subdeacons in Kevin Powers and Paul Zalonski.

At the moment, the Parish does not have a deacon (or deacon two).

The subdeacons were blessed as readers and subdeacons by Bishop Nicholas the Enders Island Retreat House on September 8. It was a day in which our parish came together for a pilgrimage and picnic to celebrate the Birth of the Mother of God.