Dear Parishioners of St Ann’s,

Christ is among us!

Today, the parish advisory council met with Father Dennis to discuss the state of several things and set goals. Among the topics discussed include:

1. The general cleanliness of the parish buildings. We are establishing areas of concern like the church, the hall, and the rectory. We looking into how to achieve this goal and the frequency of cleaning.
2. The repairs of several exterior doors.
3. The renewal of the Shrine of the Mother of Perpetual Help.
4. The renewal of the Shrine of St Jude.
5. The renewal of the parish sign that is adjacent to Cross Road.
6. The dignity of the Divine Liturgy as it pertains to the need for subdeacons, readers, servers in sanctuary, candle and cross bearers. Connected with these ministries is the use of proper vesture versus the use of street clothes.
7. Plans are being developed for the Blessing of Vehicles on July 23 and 24. A communal gathering with food is being planned.
8. Plans are being developed for the Mahrajan on August 28.
9. The review of parish finances: income and expenditures.
10. The need to develop a plan for sharing our Melkite faith and presence in Southeast Connecticut.

The maintenance of the parish property is really about being good stewards of the physical plant as well as assisting in our spiritual life.

Sincerely in the Lord,

The Parish Advisory Committee