Glory to Jesus Christ!

The drama of Holy Week slowly intensifies as we walk with the Lord along the path of our salvation. This is the week that has changed the course of history. Here is our schedule for prayer.

Thursday: April 14, Passion Gospels at 5:30 pm
Friday: April 15, Descent from the Cross at 12 noon
Friday: April 15, Funeral Service of Christ (Epitaphios Service) at 5:30 pm
Saturday: April 16, Hajmet, Orthros of the Resurrection, at 8:00pm
Sunday: April 17, Holy Pascha Divine Liturgy at 10am

On Great and Holy Friday there will be one (1) collection taken for the Holy Land. It will be sent to the Eparchy of Newton and then sent to the Church of Jerusalem. This is an important source of income for the Church’s ministry in the Holy Land.

Let us hold each other in prayer.