The Feast day of The Blessed Dormition of Saint Anna, the Holy Ancestor of God and the Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary

As Saint Ann is the patroness of our parish: happy feast day to all our parishioners and friends. Let us hold each other in prayer today. Also let’s remember in prayer our CT sister parish, St Ann’s in Danbury, PLUS St Ann’s in Woodland Park, NJ, and the Cathedral of St Ann in North Hollywood, CA. May the Holy Grandmother of the Lord richly bless all of us.

“She carried in her womb none other than the one who gave birth to our life, and for this, she was considered worthy of the eternal banquet. There, she rejoices forever with the blessed of heaven, and, with them, she prays unceasingly for us all.” (Kondakion)

You may want to read a little about Saint Ann here.