An optional special petition in the Divine Liturgy for Father’s Day

O Lord our God, the Infinite Father: we beseech You to attentively hear our supplicating voices which we, Your humble sons and daughters and lowly children, offer today in behalf of all of our fathers. To our youthful fathers, may You give the wisdom of Your advice and counsel; to those of our fathers in the prime of life, may You give strength and inspiration, reassuring them with that spiritual joy that comes from having experienced mature fatherhood; to our elderly fathers, may You grant them Your preservation, sustaining them with Your comfort and spiritual tenderĀ­ness; and to those of our fathers whom You have already called to Your heavenly abode, may You graciously favor them by generously rewarding them. Kindle within our hearts that same dedicated love and faithful devotion that Your Only-Begotten Son, our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ showed toward fulfilling Your divine will. O Almighty Father, on this festive day as we especially pay tribute to all of our fathers, we beseech You to receive our petitions and to quickly hear us and show all of them Your mercy.

Lord, have mercy. (3x)