We will cautiously begin to open the church for services. Starting June 6 and 7, we will celebrate the Divine Liturgy at 5pm on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, at 10 am.

In addition to Father Dennis and the cantors, 15 parishioners will be permitted to come to each Liturgy. Please contact Father Dennis, if you would like to come, so that we can maintain these numbers for our start. If the list becomes full, you can then come to the next week’s Liturgy. 

This virus is very deadly. Anytime you gather, you are at risk of contracting it. You still do not need to come to church at this time. In fact, I still discourage attendance, as I am very worried about transmission of this disease to our parishioners. Places have opened up and the disease is then transmitted. 

You, also, do not need to receive Communion, if you attend. The risk of transmission receiving communion is heightened.

If you attend: You must wear a mask during the entire service, except if you receive communion, take it off just before you receive, then immediately put it back on. Immediate families may sit together. Every other pew will be blocked off. Sit as far from each other as possible. People may have this virus and not know it and infect other people. This will be a cautious start and we will evaluate this policy in July. Again, you do not have to come to Church at this time. 

I cannot emphasize this enough. You can contract this virus in Church as easily as you can contract it anywhere.