Here is a presentation on the Iconography of the Mother of God as part of the Knights of Columbus Museum’s webinar series, TODAY, May 7.

Marek Czarnecki is the presenter and he is a well skilled in iconography. He lives in Meriden, CT.

Scholars have classified over 600 distinct prototypes for icons of the Mother of God. How can this multiplicity point to only one source, the first century Miryam of Nazareth? The first Christians responded to her intuitively with the earliest catacomb frescoes. The early church validated her importance with biographical icons narrating her participation in the life of Christ. Icons representing her solely with the Christ child expressed formal Marian dogma, beginning with her title as Mother of God. As Intercessor, her icons catalogued every possible human need. Other icons commemorated the sites of miracles or apparitions, while new prototypes continue to be revealed and painted into the present.