A few things to keep in mind this week from our Parish. Father Dennis noted a few things for us:

1. The parish initiative for Holy Theophany, “Keeping Soles Warm” (the sock collection for those in need) was a well responded to by our parishioners and friends. We are grateful. In the bulletin Father Dennis expresses his gratitude for our mutual collaboration in making this initiative reality by providing the Covenant Center with these socks. Keeping one’s feet clean and warm are necessary for healthy living. Father reports that while the bulletin says we collected 120 pairs of socks the number really approaches 150 pairs with more coming-in. He gave the socks a blessing. The socks will be delivered to the Covenant Center this week. Blessed be God.

2. The parish received the good news from the Eparchy of Newton that 13 parishioners contributed $4,210.00 (of a goal of $5,000) to the annual Bishop’s Appeal.

Our gifts to the Eparchy assist the education of the future Melkite clergy, the establishing new Melkite missions, the works of charity, the ongoing education of the laity in the Faith through Sophia, and the administration of the Bishop’s curia. Together with all the other Melkites in the USA we advance the Kingdom of God (as Father Dennis spoke of in his Sunday homily). We appreciate your support of the works of the Melkite Church in the USA at a fragile time in our economy and being a good and faithful steward of the blessings God. Blessed be God.

3. It is time for House Blessings. Call Father Dennis to come and bless your home (or business). His number is 860-287-0677.

4. Looking ahead: the Great Fast 2021 begins on February 15.

5. Pray for our parish of St. Ann this week and those on our prayer list.