Guidance from Bishop Nicholas on the coronavirus situation.

Reverend and dear Hierarchs, Fathers, and Deacons,

His Grace, Bishop NICHOLAS, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, issues the following guidance:

1. He does not plan to cancel Liturgies around the Eparchy.

2. Holy Communion should continue to be distributed as always, in the mouth, by intinction. It might be prudent to remind the Faithful how to properly receive Holy Communion in the mouth: head back, mouth open wide, do not stick out tongue.

3. Pastors, in any of our churches within Latin dioceses that have cancelled Masses, may make the determination to cancel the Divine Liturgy or not.

4. The risk is miniscule: as of today, 2,345 out of 331,000,000 people in the US have tested positive for coronavirus.

5. We will continue to update the Clergy as the developing situation requires.