A Melkite Guide for the Dormition Fast

August 1, 2022 0 Comments

All significant feasts of the Church are preceded by a period of preparation. We generally call this period of preparation as a “fast”. Experience says we work on our human and spiritual lives by refraining from sin (make a good confession), doing a work of charity, a change in diet to open our senses, mind …

The Dormition Fast

August 2, 2021 0 Comments

From August 1 to August 14, the Byzantine Churches prepare for the feast of the Dormition (Assumption) of the Holy Theotokos with a period of prayer and fasting.

Dormition Fast begins today

August 1, 2020 0 Comments

The Dormition Fast runs from August 1- August 14 Here is something for this liturgical fast: “Father,” someone once asked their priest, “I have a difficult time observing the Dormition Fast. What should I do?” “Well,” the priest responded, “just keep the first week, and then keep the second week, that should be enough.” Is …