Latest news from St. Ann Melkite Church

  • Celebrating the 2024 graduations at St Ann’s
    Today, we celebrated the accomplishment of three of young friends who graduated and thus begin a new chapter in their lives, and ours. We are grateful for their presence among us St Ann’s and we ask the Holy Spiirt to abundantly bless their new studies in the autumn. Father Dennis imparted a blessing and the… Read more: Celebrating the 2024 graduations at St Ann’s
  • Ss. Cosmas and Damian, healers
    On July 1, we celebrate the memory of two holy men that are included in a special category of sanctity in the Byzantine Church: Unmercenary Healers. There were man who did a special service for the Christian faithful: they served the physical needs of those afflicted by illnesses, and cared for them without recompense. They… Read more: Ss. Cosmas and Damian, healers
  • The Christian East has a diversity of riches
    The Catholic Church is a communion of churches having five liturgical families –a diversity riches of Liturgy, spiritual patrimony, particular feasts and fasts, law, and history. Eastern Christianity is a gem to behold and to savor. Read Father Deacon Robert Klesko’s article, “Beauty of Eastern Catholic Tradition to Shine at National Eucharistic Congress“
  • The Holy and Pre-Eminent Apostles Peter and Paul
    This day has been consecrated for us by the martyrdom of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul. It is not some obscure martyrs we are talking about. Their sound has gone out into all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world. These martyrs had seen what they proclaimed, they pursued justice… Read more: The Holy and Pre-Eminent Apostles Peter and Paul
  • Bishop François to visit parish
    Bishop François will be serving the Divine Liturgy with Father Marwan El Khoury, BSO, on Sunday 23 June, 10am. Father Dennis is on pilgrimage. Join us in prayer with the Bishop giving praise to God.
  • Fr Marwan offers the Liturgy
    Today, Fr. Marwan, BSO, celebrated the Divine Liturgy for us while Fr. Dennis is on pilgrimage. Fr. Marwan will be with us next week. Photo courtesy of Joumana
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
    On Friday, June 7, from 12:30 PM to 5:45 PM in the St Ann Church hall we are having a blood drive with the American Red Cross. Give the gift of life!
  • Memorial Day 2024
    Today our nation honors our brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Take a moment to remember in prayer that freedom isn’t free and that we owe everything to these heroes. While Memorial Day may be a day off from work for some, but for many others it is a solemn… Read more: Memorial Day 2024
  • Divine Liturgy schedule change
    From June 1 to September 7, Saturday night Liturgy is cancelled. There will be one Liturgy: 10 am Sundays!
  • Melkite Eparchy of Newton on Instagram!
    The Melkite Eparchy of Newton is on Instagram! Please follow the Instagram page of the 2024 Melkite Catholic Convention for schedules, fun videos, and updates on the convention! The page is called “53rd_Melkite_Convention.” See you on Instagram!