Funerals, Blessings and Prayers

The Funeral

Christ is risen from the dead, and by his death he has trampled upon death, and has given life to those who were in the tombs.

There are three (3) parts to the Funeral Service: at the funeral home, in the church, at the cemetery. All three parts are inter-related and an important part of our belief in the Lord’s Resurrection and our mourning of the deceased.

We follow the pastoral directives outlines in the Pastoral Letter on Christian Death and Funerals.


~ The Blessing of a pregnant woman

The Churching of baby is traditionally is celebrated on the Sunday closest the Fortieth Day after the birth of the baby to commemorate Jesus’ being Presented at the Temple on the Fortieth Day after his birth. The beauty of the Churching service is a great spiritual preparation for the baby and the parents as they move to receiving the Mystery of Baptism, Chrismation and Eucharist.

~Candles are blessed on the Great Feast of the Holy Hypapanty [Encounter] of Our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ and the Purification of The Theotokos (February 2). The reason we have our candles blessed as a sign of “spiritual Light for all their bearers.”


~Pascha bread and eggs

At the end of the Divine Liturgy of Pascha, the priest blesses the Holy Artos (Pascha bread and eggs).

The meaning of dyeing Easter eggs red is to illustrate the trampling of death by the miraculous re-creation of the whole world by the victorious resurrection of Our Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Red symbolizes blood and we believe that Jesus shed his blood on the cross thus giving us New Life  the resurrection from the dead– therefore the red egg symbolizes NEW life.

~Cars, motorcycles and various means of transportation

Catholics do interesting things, Melkite Catholics do fun AND interesting things like blessing cars, motorcycles and various means of transportation, We ask God through the intercession of the Holy Prophet Saint Elias (Elijah) on or near the liturgical memorial on July 20. Saint Elias is the patron saint of transportation because Scripture reveals that he a rode chariot of fire into heaven (2 Kings 2:11–12).

~Homes, businesses, and gardens

The faithful are encouraged to have their homes (new and old), businesses and gardens blessed by the priest annually. This occasion is an opportunity to ask God’s blessings upon the the places we live and work and find enjoyment. Often the annual blessing of homes happens during the season of Theophany and before Great Lent.


***Father Dennis is available all year long to bless all these things according to the rites of the Church. Please call the Parish office to schedule a preferred time for a visit.